Borsetshire Issues and Options

Cliftonville DPD - Preferred Options Report

Involving the Community

During consultations for the proposed declaration of the Cliftonville Renewal Area, concern was expressed by local groups and residents' associations over the number of one bedroomed flats being developed in the area.  This issue was taken on board by local Councillors who considered this a major problem and pushed for urgent action to resolve it.  This led to the evolution of the existing planning policy restricting the development of small flats.

Extensive consultation was carried out between 4th September and 10th November 2006 which led to the adoption by Council of the policy.  Four focus groups were held, the first two comprised local residents, landlords and businesses with an interest in the Cliftonville West Renewal Area; the third invited landlords and letting agents and the fourth focus group involved Council Members and officers.  A public meeting was held on 30th October, and questionnaires were distributed and made available to complete on-line. 

Based on the issues raised in this early consultation, and subsequent to the council adopting the policy for Development Control purposes, further structured consultation on the Issues and Options took place between August and October 2007.  This included two focus groups, held on the 4th and 10th September, and a questionnaire distributed and made available at Margate and Cliftonville libraries, St Pauls Community Centre in Cliftonville, and online.  In addition, all those involved in previous consultation were written to and invited to comment.

The issues arising from this latter consultation have been considered, and were debated with officers from other council departments at a meeting in October 2007.  The Preferred Options presented in this paper are those that are considered will best address the issues and set the context for specific planning policies that are realistic and can be implemented to achieve the more balanced community and better quality environment being sought for this currently very deprived area and reflecting these issues and the objectives of the Community Strategy.