Borsetshire Issues and Options

Cliftonville DPD - Preferred Options Report

Issue 3 - Family Housing

Figures set out above in this document clearly demonstrate the excessive proportion of small flatted and rented accommodation within the policy area.  However, the area does include a significant number of properties currently used as, or capable of being used as, single-family accommodation.

Options - Retention of family housing

Option 3.1 To develop a policy to retain existing family housing within the area

Option 3.2 To continue to allow conversion of any properties in the area into smaller dwellings less suited to family occupation.

Preferred Options and Reasoned Justification
The key issue for Cliftonville is to re-establish a balanced community.  However, the over dominance of small flats occupied by one or two people, often only living in the area for a short period of time, clearly contributes to the imbalance.  Given this imbalance the Council is of the view that it is appropriate and necessary to ensure that existing accommodation, suitable for occupation by families, is retained.   Given the aim to redress the balance of the community within Cliftonville West it is an essential priority that these homes should remain available as single-family dwellings and should not, themselves, be converted or redeveloped.


Accept policy 3.1 - Develop a policy to refuse planning permission for proposals to convert /redevelop properties that are currently used as, or suitable for, family housing.


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