Borsetshire Issues and Options

Cliftonville DPD - Preferred Options Report

Issue 6 - Tourism

During the early part of the twentieth century, Cliftonville was considered the ‘fashionable hotel' area of Margate and contained many significant hotels, particularly along the seafront. These included the Queens Highcliff Hotel and a number of hotels owned and operated in the 1950s by Butlins.  As a result of a decline in the domestic holiday trade to Margate, virtually all these hotels and many smaller properties have been lost to the tourist industry.  Some good quality hotels remain and some properties may be capable of being returned to tourism use.

However, with issues relating to climate change and the need to reduce our carbon footprint, holidays at home are likely to become more fashionable and Cliftonville has the potential to again become a place where people will want to stay, particularly in view of the regeneration initiatives within Margate, and the prestigious Turner Contemporary. 

Options - Tourism

Option 6.1
To safeguard buildings currently used/potentially suited to use as quality hotel accommodation that will enhance and support the local tourism economy

Option 6.2
To identify and allocate sites or buildings within the area suitable for tourist accommodation

Option 6.3
To draw up a criteria based policy to support proposals to upgrade existing tourist accommodation, or for the provision of new tourist accommodation

Option 6.4 No specific policy regarding hotel accommodation in Cliftonville West Renewal Area is developed and market forces will determine the future use of property subject only to normal planning considerations

Preferred Options and Reasoned Justification
The Turner Contemporary is expected to attract around 130,000 visitors a year to the area.  This, along with regeneration in Margate and Cliftonville will result in greater demand for tourist accommodation in the Cliftonville area.

As noted above there are properties still in use as good quality hotels. In addition there are other hotel premises (some currently used as bed and breakfast for benefit claimants), capable of serving a similar function.  It therefore appropriate that such properties are not sub-divided or redeveloped to ensure the remaining stock is not lost for the future.

Option 6.1 is therefore the preferred option. In addition Option 6.3 is also appropriate as it is considered important to encourage developers of potential new tourist accommodation to consider investing in Cliftonville. 

Option 6.2 would be difficult to apply and operate as availability of individual premises and market factors are unpredictable.


Accept Options 6.1 and 6.3 - Develop a policy to retain appropriate buildings for Hotel use. Develop a policy stating that planning permission will be granted for development which would extend or upgrade the range of tourist facilities in the area.


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