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Cliftonville DPD - Preferred Options Report

Issue 8 - Refuse Storage

A lack of usable and convenient refuse storage facilities often results in rubbish sacks being left in front gardens or on pavements for long periods.  The Cliftonville West Renewal Area does not currently have wheelie bins, and it is unlikely that they will be provided in this area due to the high proportion of flats.  It is therefore important that developments should provide facilities that will be easy for residents to store their rubbish in, and which will be easy to move out of for collection.

The Councils existing ‘Conversion to Flats' guidelines clearly states that ‘the open storage of refuse bins, or stores to contain such bins, should not be sited within the front garden or other parts of the front of the property', citing a preference for refuse storage at the side or rear.   The guidance also suggests utilising former coal cellars for bin storage facilities where terraced properties are converted, as is often the case in Cliftonville. 

Options - Refuse Storage

Option 8.1
To develop a policy requiring that refuse storage be provided at the rear, to the side or within a development or conversion, to prevent further storage of waste refuse at the front of properties.

Option 8.2
To develop a policy requiring:-
a) refuse storage to be provided to the side or rear of a property in all new developments, and where achievable for conversions.
b) where front garden storage is permitted this should be to a high standard of design and with minimal visual impact

Preferred Options and Justification
The main problem in locating refuse storage occurs with the conversion of mid-terrace properties.  One possible solution could be to introduce a policy to require storage at the rear of a property that would be accessible by all occupants.  This could be achieved by providing access to the rear via the ground floor.  However this would mean each resident having to place their rubbish at the rear and then carry it through to the front for collection. This is inconvenient and experience shows that it can lead to black sacks being put in front gardens or on the street well in advance of collections.

Alternatively, a bin storage area could be provided within the property itself. However, this could result in the whole or part of the ground floor of the property being unusable for residential accommodation in order to meet these requirements.  Locating refuse storage within the ground floor is not considered acceptable as, even if the area is well ventilated, odour could still be a problem and this could result in the perception of a poor quality development.  Option 8.1 is not therefore considered to be appropriate.

It is therefore acknowledged that it is simply not possible for rear or side waste storage to be provided in some instances (eg a mid-terrace property). In such circumstances it is  considered that an appropriately designed, well screened and gull proof facility at the front of a property would be more visually acceptable than rubbish sacks.  Appropriate storage at the front of a property would enable residents to store sacks outside of their property until the due collection date, and move the sacks ready for collection on the evening before the due date. 


Accept option 8.2 Develop a policy stating that where there is no alternative, refuse storage may be provided at the front of a property providing it is designed in a manner that is visually acceptable



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