Dolphin Square Supplementary Planning Document

Dolphin Square is situated at the southern end of the High Street in Weston town centre. The site is identified as a priority location for regeneration and redevelopment in the Weston District Council Core Strategy. The site is also identified in the Weston Town Centre Area Action Plan Issues and Options document as a development opportunity. However this document is in its early stages of production and is not expected to be adopted until 2012. Photo of Dolphin Square

Given the significant potential regeneration benefits of the site and the fact that it is mainly in Council ownership, it is hoped that the comprehensive redevelopment of this site will proceed at a much faster rate than the adoption of the Area Action Plan and kick start the much need regneration of the town centre. This Supplementary Planning Document has therefore been produced to quickly provide a detailed planning policy framework for the redevelopment of the site.  

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  • Opened
    3 Jan 2011 at 00:00
  • Closes
    30 Mar 2099 at 23:59

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  • Dolphin Square Supplementary Planning Document
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  • Dolphin Square SPD
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