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To inform our stakeholders of the work of the Planning Policy team and seek approval to an extensive programme of works.

Text changed 4 December 2013

In December 2005 the Secretary of State for Transport announced that safety camera activities and partnerships were to be integrated into the wider road safety delivery process.

To facilitate that change of approach the previous 'netting off' funding arrangements for safety cameras were ended on 1 April 2007 and the funding integrated into the Local Transport Plan alongside other road safety measures. One of the reasons for introducing the new way of working was so that local authorities, the police and other agencies, acting together, can pursue a mix of the most appropriate locally agreed road safety measures to reduce casualties in their area.

00A report on the new arrangement arising from the changes was submitted to the Planning and Transportation Sub-Committee on 22 January 2007 as part of a larger report on the overall 2007/08 Local Transport Plan and Road Safety Grant settlements. At the meeting it was agreed that a new Road Safety Partnership be established.

The terms of reference reporting arrangements and governance were subsequently agreed their meeting of 1 June 2007.

Text changed 4 December 2013

Matters for Consideration

The new funding arrangement within the Local Transport Plan is known as the Road Safety Grant. The combined Road Safety Grant settlement for 2007/08 was £4,543,769 (£826,966Capital & £3,716,803 Revenue). When the cost of managing and operating the enforcement activities are deducted there is a balance of £1,588,869 (£166,866 Capital £1,422,003 Revenue).

00The Planning and Transportation Sub-Committee, at their 22 January 2007 meeting, agreed that this balance would be split with a direct allocation to each district, on a pro rata population basis, covering all of the £166,866 Capital and half of the £1,422,003 Revenue, and the remainder being used for wide initiatives. The combined capital and revenue Solihull element of the direct Road Safety Grant allocation for 2007/08 was £68,055 and detailed expenditure proposals were approved at the Cabinet Member for Transport and Highways Decision Session on 14 March 2007.

To assist in the allocation of the £711,000 for Joint Initiatives, each of the district authorities and other partner stakeholders were invited to submit applications to fund projects that address known road safety problems and are capable of being rolled out across the West Midlands.

As reported to your Decision Session held on 11 September 2007, three projects were submitted from Solihull and copies of those applications are attached as an appendix to this report: -

Speed Aware - Based on the development of Inconsiderate Speeding Initiative.

Stop Speed - Development of CCTV to include numberplate recognition.

Safety Camera Development - Extending the coverage of enforcement cameras.

Responses and Objections

Winward Way

No responses were received in connection with the Winward Way sites.

Chester Road

Six objections were received in connection with the B4114 Chester Road locations. Three of those objections related to the eastbound camera housing, one related to the west bound housing and two of the objections raised issues regarding both the camera housings.


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The main concern was that the proposed housings were not located appropriately and would not reduce vehicle speeds on the approach to the Chester Road/Timberely Lane junction. The other concerns related to the visual intrusion, potential vandalism, the effectiveness of safety cameras in improving road safety and that the housings would make it more difficult for motorists to manoeuvring off adjacent private drives.

Programme Approval

The Planning and Transportation Sub-Committee on 28 September 2007 approved the programme for the £711,000 Joint Initiatives for 2007/08, which included £76,000 for 'Variable Speed Signs (Pilot)'. Subsequently the Road Safety Partnership Technical Group agreed that £54,000 of the £76,000 would be allocated for Solihull's 'Speed Aware Initiative' with the other £22,000 being allocated to Sandwell.

The necessary arrangements have been put in place to implement the additional 'Speed Aware Initiative' activity this financial year and it is recommended that we update and resubmit this application to seek continued funding in 2008/09 & 2009/10.

CCTV and Safety Cameras

The Stop Speed - Development of CCTV to include numberplate recognition, was not included in the 2007/08 programme and it is recommended that we resubmit the application to seek funding in 2008/09, 2009/10 & 2010/11.

Safety Camera Development - Extending the coverage of enforcement cameras in Solihull was included in a wide programme and Solihull has been allocated 3 new housings as part of that programme.


At the Transport and Highways Cabinet Member Decision Session on 7 September 2006, approval was given for the installation of new fixed speed enforcement camera housings on Lode Lane, together with hard standings on Warwick Road and Widney Manor Road and these works have now been completed. It was also agreed, subject to Department for Transport approval, that residents, Ward Councillors and Parish Councils be advised of the proposed fixed camera housings on the B4025 Streetsbrook Road, Windward Way and the B4114 Chester Road, Castle Bromwich.

Proposed Locations

The proposed locations of the individual housings had been identified at site meetings with the police and the locations are detailed on Plan Nos. 6272/3, 6633 and 6632 attached to this report.

In December 2006 local residents in the vicinity of the proposed housings were advised of the proposals and the following responses were received: -

A response was received regarding Streetsbrook Road advising that the resident did not consider that a camera housing at this location would address the collisions. The resident's view was that the benefits of speed cameras are largely financial and that a formal pedestrian crossing was required in this area.

Funding Changes

The funding changes detailed in paragraph 1.2.2 delayed the introduction of the proposed camera housings at B4025 Streetsbrook Road, Windward Way and the B4114 Chester Road, Castle Bromwich.

More recently the priorities for safety camera housings across the as a whole have been reviewed using the most up to date casualty information.

Insofar as Solihull is concerned Winward Way no longer features in the revised analysis for potential new sites, received from the W M Police Camera Enforcement Unit but B4114 Bradford Road/Chester Road, Castle Bromwich and B4025 Streetsbrook Road are still ranked very highly. The detailed locations of the housings on those sections of road have been reviewed with the Police and the supplier/installer of the equipment taking account of the new collision data and the concerns raised during the previous consultation. The outcome is that sites on Streetsbrook Road and westbound on the Chester Road are still considered the most appropriate. For the eastbound B4114 Bradford Road/Chester Road a new location has been identified outside the Bradford Arms public house as illustrated on plan No. 6632/3.

The normal carriageway markings and signs to inform motorists of the speed enforcement cameras will be provided along the appropriate length of each road.

It is recommended that residents in the vicinity of the proposed fixed camera housing locations for 2007/08 programme, on Streetsbrook Road, and B4114 Chester Road, be advised of the proposals.