Safety Cameras Consultation

The Use of Traffic Cameras for Enforcement

Speed cameraThe Department recommends that partnerships continue to proactively provide information about safety cameras, including their deployment, and the benefits they bring, but do so as part of a wider approach to road safety-related communications.

That wider approach should aim to raise public awareness of the behaviours that can cause casualties on the roads, the partnership?s approach to dealing with these behaviours, and the steps the public can take to ensure they and others drive safely.

When partnerships are communicating information on safety cameras, we recommend the following be considered a priority:

  • the location of camera sites;
  • the criteria for the location of camera sites;
  • types of cameras, how they work, and why they are deployed;
  • the justification for the use of camera sites;
  • local casualty reduction figures;
  • the effect that cameras have had on casualty figures in the local area;
  • that cameras are now funded in the same way as other road safety measures;
  • contact details for the partnership.